Polo Rules

Polo is a dynamic and energizing group amusement that is played on horseback. One of the most seasoned known games on the planet, it is thought to have started in Persia more than 2000 years back. The amusement as we probably am aware it today starts in India in the 1800s, where British troopers who were positioned there observed the diversion being played locally and adjusted it for their own uses, regularly utilizing it as preparing for mounted force riders. Conveyed to Britain before long, rules were set up and from that point on the diversion spread, and is presently played over the reality where and also the UK, it is especially prevalent in Argentina and the USA. The game is regulated by the Federation of International Polo. Question of the Game The question of Polo is for a group to score a bigger number of focuses than its restriction, along these lines winning. Each group endeavors to move the ball into the resistance's half of the pitch with the point of in the long run hitting it through the objective to score. Each group of four is comprised of assailants and safeguards, however sensibly all individuals from a polo group are relied upon to be adaptable and make any play whether hostile or protective and change position as important to profit the group. Players and Equipment Each group is comprised of four players, every one appointed a position which is shown by the number worn on their unit. Position 1 is known as an assaulting hostile player, like a striker in soccer or forward in hockey. Hard and precise hitters of the ball, their prime point is to score however while shielding, they likewise have the obligation of caring for the restriction's position 3 player. Position 2 is a hostile player fundamentally, going down the position 1 player in assault. Be that as it may, they additionally have protective obligations, regularly trading with the position 3 player when they assault. Position 3 is fundamentally the same as the quarterback position and is generally a position that is filled by the best player in the group. It is an assaulting position and players in this position must have the capacity to hit the ball precisely upfield to the position 1 and 2 players. Position 4 is a cautious position, entrusted with safeguarding the group's objective. Be that as it may, they do have hostile obligations and when effectively protecting the objective, they are relied upon to propel the ball precisely to the group's hostile players. As far as hardware, the most clear bit of gear is a steed particularly reared for the session of Polo, known as Polo horse. Every player will require no less than two to change out amongst chukkas and these might be the player's own or they might be given by their club. These ponies will require an extraordinary seat which will empower the player to be situated safely, control the steed and swing the hammer. Other fundamental bits of gear are a protective cap, a polo stick, knee watches and a ball.